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Meet Head Coach,

Tony Sadiku

Tony Sadiku is a meteorologist, reporter, adjunct professor and professional communicator passionate about helping young journalists reach their full potential.

As a meteorologist, Tony has earned his masters degree, NWA Seal and is AMS Certified, putting him in a prime position to help weather talent in a uniquely specialized way.

As a reporter, Tony’s been on the front lines of hurricanes and natural disasters, crime scenes, exclusive investigations, and national stories, even earning an Emmy nomination.

Tony can attest to the value of talent coaching and credits those investments for his success. He prides himself on continuing to be a student of the craft. His strategic and tailored growth plan can help anyone see significant growth in their career.

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How we help

  • Building a reel, resume and cover letter that stands out
  • Maximizing your live shots
  • Making your stand ups pop
  • Storytelling and news writing
  • Pitching your best
  • Improving vocal delivery
  • Ad libbing and mastering breaking news
  • Discovering and developing your brand
  • News gathering and interviews
  • Workflow and making deadline
  • Social media strategies
  • Wardrobe consulting/shopping
  • NWA/AMS seal test prep and tape review
  • Talent agent placement

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